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Team Based Learning - Cooperative Learning

(Note: view an informative video on using the IF-AT for Team-Based Learning)

Team-Based Learning (“TBL”) is an educational technique developed in the 1970s by Larry Michaelsen that dramatically shifts the focus of classroom time from conveying course concepts by the instructor to application of course concepts by student teams. In the TBL process, students acquire their initial exposure to the content through readings and are held accountable for their preparation using a Readiness Assurance Process (“RAP”). Following the RAP, class time is used to practice applying content in a series of team application exercises. The components of TBL are adaptable to many situations, and special resources, including the IF-AT, are great tools for advancing the goals of TBL.

A great advantage of using IF-AT forms in group learning is that it quickly becomes apparent to participants that “loud and forceful” is not always “right”; each member is empowered by knowledge rather than personality.

Please select this link for the Team Based Learning Homepage.

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