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Test Security

As with any testing system, test security is a critical issue that should be considered when using the IF-AT.

Because the IF-AT answer forms are pre-printed, it could be possible for students to learn the answer patterns for the various IF-AT answer forms. To address this issue, Epstein Education prints multiple versions of each type of IF-AT form. In addition, the company periodically retires old form versions and introduces new form versions.

We recommend that educators use at least two different versions of the IF-AT forms in their classroom. This insures that students never know which answer form their neighbor has so they cannot simply look at their answer form and cheat.

The IF-AT answer forms are printed in a manner to assist educators with test security. Each version of the IF-AT answer form has its version number printed on the bottom right hand corner of the IF-AT answer form. This allows educators to identify which form they are using. In addition, the forms are perforated at the bottom. This provides educators the ability to remove the code number of the form being used prior to passing them out to the students. The top of the form is also perforated so that students can keep, if the educator wishes, the score, date, etc., of their test results. We recommend that the educators not send the IF-AT answer forms home with students unless they need to. Also, as with any test, students should sit as far away from each other as possible.

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