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Traditional Multiple-Choice

The Problem with Traditional Multiple Choice:

 In using traditional multiple choice testing, educators frequently ignore a critical aspect of the learning process - the role of feedback and the timing of the feedback. Typical multiple-choice testing, which broadly assesses students’ level of understanding, generally does NOT permit students to know if their answers are correct - not at the time of testing and often not at all.

Educators may provide students with feedback, but it often comes days later and often the students’ answers are returned without the test questions (preventing students from reviewing their incorrect answers with the test). Without corrective feedback students retain incorrect information and tend to repeat their mistakes on subsequent tests of similar material.

The Solution:

The IF-AT provides students with immediate affirmative and/or corrective feedback on each item while taking the test, ensuring that a student’s last response is the correct one. This research-based system teaches while it assesses, facilitating learning and improving retention. As a result, the IF-AT’s key applications include both test taking and test preparation.


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